The automotive world has entered a new frontier. The combination of electrification and security have culminated in the birth of the BMW i7 Protection, the first armoured electric car that does not compromise on luxury or performance. Here’s a look into this magnificent piece of engineering and design.

A Pioneer in Armored Electric Luxury

The BMW i7 Protection stands as a testament to BMW’s innovative spirit. It is the very first of its kind – an armoured electric vehicle that seamlessly merges the opulence of the 7 Series with advanced security features. No longer do consumers have to make the choice between luxury and safety. With the i7 Protection, they get both.

The Heart of Production: Dingolfing

A significant amount of the magic happens at Dingolfing, where the BMW 7 Series, including the i7 Protection, is produced. Known for its commitment to quality and precision, the production facility ensures that each vehicle rolling off its assembly line meets the brand’s exacting standards, from design to function.

Safety Beyond Compare

However, what sets the i7 Protection apart is its unparalleled commitment to safety. The vehicle is designed with the highest classification for civilian protection vehicles, achieving up to VPAM 10. This classification is a testament to the rigorous testing and superior construction materials that BMW has employed to guarantee the utmost safety for its occupants.

This armored marvel boasts reinforced walls, floor, roof, and windows, making it nearly impervious to most external threats. Beyond just physical projectiles, the BMW i7 Protection is also geared to shield its occupants from explosive devices, ensuring an all-round protective environment.

Eco-Friendly and Elite

While the armored capabilities of the BMW i7 Protection are certainly noteworthy, it’s equally impressive that this vehicle does so while maintaining its commitment to the environment. As an electric vehicle, the i7 Protection reduces carbon emissions, merging BMW’s drive towards sustainable mobility with the safety demands of its high-profile clientele.


In a world where safety concerns are continually escalating, the BMW i7 Protection offers a beacon of hope. It’s a vehicle that doesn’t ask its owner to choose between luxury, environmental responsibility, and safety. It’s a harmonious blend of all three, setting a new standard in the automotive industry.

The BMW i7 Protection isn’t just a car; it’s a statement. A statement that luxury, sustainability, and safety can coexist in one package. And as we move forward into an era where these values are more critical than ever, it’s vehicles like the BMW i7 Protection that will lead the way.

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